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Manimahesh Adventures AKA Himalayan Travel Agency is a Bharmour, Chamba based twenty year old reputed Himachal Tourism approved adventure provinding agency (Reg no CBA-TSM-5(63)95-640). Which has vast experience of trekking in Himalayan region of Himachal Pradesh , we have a team of cerified professionals to fullfill our esteemed patronage requiements. We provide the best deals while thinking of comfort & adventure. We are well equipped with all adventure gadgets & can support up to group of 10-50 people at a time. we provide tents , mattresses , sleeping bags, rucksacks, wind proof coats, guides ,cooks ,cooking arrangements , boarding & lodging facilities, read more


Himachal Pradesh was anciently known as Dev Bhumi (The Abode of Gods). After the Anglo Gorkha War, the British colonial government came into power. It was initially part of Punjab, except the Siba State of Punjab Hills which was under the rule of Maharaja Ranjit Singh until 1857. In 1950 Himachal was declared as a union territory but after the State of Himachal Pradesh Act 1971, Himachal emerged as the 18th state of the Indian Union. Himachal has many prestigious boarding schools. Hima means snow in Sanskrit. It was named by one of the great Sanskrit scholars of Himachal Pradesh, Acharya Diwakar Datt Sharma, read more

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Trek is a long, adventurous journey undertaken on foot in areas where common means of transport are generally not available. More

river rafting

River Rafting

Rafting is a challenging recreational outdoor activity using an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water. More

rick climbing

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an activity in which participants climb up, down or across natural rock formations or artificial rock walls. More

river crossing

River Crossing

A river crossing puzzle is a type of transport puzzle in which the object is to carry items from one river bank to another. More