Bharmaur or Bharmour or the name Brahampura was the the capital of ancient kingdom of Chamba,.65 kms from Chamba is the land of snowy & abode of God Shiva & Gaddi tribal ,earlier Bharmaur known as Brahmpur in the 6th century, was the Capital of Chamba state for about four hundred years , till it was shifted to Chamba by Sahil Varman. Bharmour holds one of very old architectures left in India, basically the temples. These temples comprises the Chaurasi Temple Complex .

In the complex the tallest temple is of Manimahesh which is having a Shiva ling. The other temples are of Dharamraj Ganesha & Nar Singh. There is a stautue of Nandi melted in bronze which stands facing the Manimahesh temple. These idols are believed to be the work of master craftsman Gugga. There is a small water source called Ardh Ganda in a corner of the complex, bathing here is considered religiously significant. The place around Bharmour is regarded as belonging to Shiva and is that is why called Shiv-Bhumi. Cause of home of nomadic shepherds Gaddies it is also called as Gadheran.