Accommodation in Bharmour

We have fully furnished neat and clean accommodation near Chaurasi Temple complex in Bharmour , Chamba .

The rooms are equipped with attached bath and kitchen for complete homely stay in the abode of Shiva . We have our own mess too for the larger groups providing all time Himalayan meal. Travelers can book in advance to ensure safe holiday travel.

Blessed with some of the most spectacular and beautiful landscapes anywhere, it is a travelers paradise -lofty snow peaks, deep gorges, lush green valleys, fast flowing rivers, enchanting mountain lakes, flower bedecked meadows, beautiful temples and monasteries steeped in time. May it be for relaxing, sightseeing, trekking, mountaineering, fishing, para-gliding, skiing, ice skating and golf, Himachal has it all.

Chamba and Bharmour

In the higher reaches of the Ravi Valley, just 56 km from Dalhousie, Chamba is perched on a little plateau about 100 m above the river. The capital of an ancient kingdom, Chamba was founded in 920 AD by Raja Sahil Varma who named it after his favorite daughter Champavati. Isolated in this valley by the high ranges, Chamba developed its own style of architecture and art. Much of this heritage has been preserved and Chamba is known for the elegance of its temples and for its exquisite miniatures and handicrafts. Bharmour is 65 kms uphill to the North of the Chamba Town and follows a snaky road alongside Ravi river . Bharmour sub division of Chamba District lead to the one of the ancient pilgrimage called Manimahesh Yatra .

Chaurasi Temple Bharmour / Brahmaur

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In the Chaurasi Temple complex the tallest temple is of Manimahesh which is having a Shiva ling.  The other temples are of  Dharamraj Ganesha & Nar Singh. There is a statue of Nandi melted in bronze which stands facing the Manimahesh temple. These idols are believed to be the work of master craftsman Gugga. There is a small water source called Ardh Ganga in a corner of the complex, bathing here is considered religiously significant. The place around Bharmour is regarded as belonging to Shiva and is that is why called Shiv-Bhumi. Cause of home of nomadic shepherds Gaddies it is also called as Gadheran.

According to a localities, the town Bharmour was established in very ancient  time and as per common belief this is the garden (Baag) of Mata Bharmaani , the temple of Goddess is situated uphill few kilometers from Main Bharmour bus stand .

Holding the charismatic beauty & the pleasing scenery the place is well suited for nature lovers, the best period to visit Bharmour is between April and October.

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